There’s only one solution.

So. I didn’t get a post up yesterday. Then I sat down to write tonight and this weird flashing started in my eyes. I read up on ocular migraines, but I haven’t been to the doc, so who knows. Anyway, the moral of this story is: write your posts in advance. Oof.

On a related note, my blog’s sidebar promises occasional cat pics, so obviously, the only solution here is for our cat to drop some wisdom on you.

A cute kitty pic is just what the doctor ordered.

Permission to pin, absolutely. She’s just so cute.

Also–the giveaway winner is:

Elaine Stock

Congrats Elaine, and thanks everyone who entered!

7 Replies to “There’s only one solution.”

      1. What was more terrifying that seeing a curtain of black falling from the top of my eye was the discovery that the only hospital that had to equipment to do it insisted on $7000 up front or I couldn’t get the eye surgery I needed. This was when I had no insurance.

        “But I’ll go blind,” I protested.

        Their response? “It’s not life threatening.”

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