The Same Old New as Before

Last January, I wrote about the New Year’s resolutions routine and how God’s mercies are new every morning. Now it’s New Year’s Eve, and time to think about newness all over again.

I didn’t make resolutions per se in 2015, but I did set some goals. I reviewed the list from my 1/3/2015 journal entry this morning, and I’m abashed to admit that I failed every last one of them.

Some (like my Goodreads target of 72 books) were a tad too ambitious. Others I failed because I took the set-it-and-forget-it approach. That works great for crockpots. Not so effective on goals.


Just because.

Since the day after Christmas, I’ve been slowly packing away our decorations, thinking about “one word” for 2016, and trying not to feel terrible about missed targets and lost opportunities. This idea of reclaiming pushed its way to the surface. Our guest room was a disaster of catch-all overflow stuff space (CAOSS–I didn’t plan that, yet there it is), and it felt good to clean it up, organize the mess and reclaim the space. I wondered if the same idea might work in my spiritual life.

But then, maybe this idea would end up like some of my goals from this year, a flash in 2016’s pan. The newness would wear off, or worse, I’d forget that I was supposed to be reclaiming spiritual spaces and focus on little earthly ones, like my guest room. Because here’s a secret: I have a tendency to conflate “what I’m s’posed to do” with “who I’m s’posed to be.”

I’m supposed to be Christ-like, and Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. -Hebrews 13:8 [Tweet this]

After more thought and prayer, I decided identity would be my word for the year. I know about my Ephesians 1 identity in Christ–and I also know there are doors in that house where my heart has not yet knocked.

That’s why this year, I’m not so set on resolving, renewing, or even reclaiming as I am on seeking the One who gives me identity–even if it means focusing on the same old new as before.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Are you making plans for 2016? Tell me your “one word,” goals, or resolutions in the comments!

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    1. You can do it! Are you an indoor or outdoor walker? I think I must be the only person who actually prefers the treadmill. (Although admittedly, I don’t prefer it more than the couch…)

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