His Pepper Heart

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Brandy Heineman's Kindle short, His Pepper Heart.

“You must really like peppers.”

Their date was entirely forgettable. The meal maxed out the spicy scale; the conversation, not so much. If she hadn’t stolen Zachary’s journal–or read the stupid thing–she never would’ve fallen for him. Fessing up is unpalatable, but unless she returns the journal, how will she have a prayer of seeing her name peppered across its pages?

“Heineman has written a peppery little story that engages the reader with an unusual storyline. Who hasn’t wanted to read someone else’s journal? It’s so deliciously wrong you can’t help but keep reading. The spiritual thread is shared through symbolism and allusion making this the sort of story that reveals its meaning bit by bit–like a jalapeno that seems mild and innocuous at first but ultimately packs quite a punch.” -Sarah Loudin Thomas, author of Miracle in a Dry Season and Until the Harvest

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About the Author

Brandy HeinemanBRANDY HEINEMAN is a Christ-follower. She’s also a book hoarder, a cat herder, a first-generation Southerner, a self-appointed family historian, and a novelist. She likes to cook when it’s convenient, and to order pizza when it’s not. An alumna of Wesleyan College (Macon, Ga.), she has written for various corporate newsletters, the ACFW Journal, Writer… Interrupted, and Book Fun Magazine. Brandy resides in metro Atlanta with her Captain of Street Cred and superhero hubby, Michael.