Greetings for Washington’s BirthDay

Washington postcard 1  Washington postcard 2

Confession time: I bought this postcard at the antique store quite a while ago. In fact, before I fell off the blogging wagon for a time, this was supposed to go up last February.

“Better late then ever,” indeed. [Tweet this]

Gertrude Walker of Hudson, Michigan was born April 6, 1898, a daughter of James and Della Walker (1). Since this postcard wants a stamp and shows no sign that it once had one that was lost along the way, let’s hope it was hand-delivered. Or, depending on how late the greeting was, perhaps Agnes realized Gertrude’s birthday was coming up and tucked away this belated card in favor of a more timely one.

And for those of us who are not buying a car or new furniture this Presidents’ Day, maybe it’s a good day to call or text someone just to say, “Hey! Haven’t talked in a while. How’ve you been?”

Better late than never.

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