Cheers for 100 Years! Florence Van Pelt and Jesse Bartoo

I couldn’t let the day pass without heralding the wedding of my great-great grandparents, Florence Van Pelt and Jesse Bartoo, who married on February 28, 1914—one hundred years ago today!

bartoo vanpelt marriage license

According to Betty A. Bertrand’s genealogy, “Sam’s Clan” on the descendants of Samuel Baker:

JESSE WILBUR BARTOO, third child of Smith and Rosa Baker Bartoo, was born at Marsh Creek on 11 May 1894. He attended schools at Whitesville; a county school near Whites Corners, Pa., and in Harrison Valley.

On 28 February 1914, he was married to Florence Van Pelt. She was born 4 February 1896 to William and Rhoda Cole Van Pelt. Between 1916 and 1924, they became parents of two boys and two girls.

Jesse and Florence lived near Whites Corners, Harrison Valley, Osceola, and then at Elkland where Jesse worked at the Tannery. Following his retirement from there, he always raised a large garden which he shared with his daughters and his friends.

On 3 November 1972, Jesse died at the Soldiers and Sailors Hospital in Wellsboro, Pa. Five weeks later, Florence died in the same hospital. Both are buried at Whites Corners Cemetery.

Florence Vanpelt & Jesse Bartoo Wedding

Shortly after they married, they both took positions at the Whitesville House (Source: Allegany County News, Thursday March 26, 1914, via, which was a popular hotel in Allegany County. I’ve been told that Florence worked as a cook in a restaurant when she was young, but I don’t know if that tidbit refers to her time at the Whitesville House. It seems likely.

The Whitesville House. (Photo from The Whitesville News, Thursday October 17, 1907, via

The Whitesville House. (Photo from The Whitesville News, Thursday October 17, 1907, via

As it happens, today also marks 50 years since they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary! The Bartoos were very giving, always making sure their grandchildren left after a visit with some little gift in hand. Jesse was in the running to be my name, had I been born a boy.

Florence & Jesse Bartoo 50 yrs

Here’s to you, Jesse and Florence! Cheers!

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  1. Enjoyable read about a life, or in this case two, that are well lived. By the way I have a granddaughter named Jessica. We all call her Jessie.

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