10 things I love right now

A time to grow…

I’ve been wondering what to do with my blog for a while now. I love family history, but experience has shown that I can’t keep up the pace with the big, fully-researched stories on a regular basis. So, in the interest of diversification, and because, ahem, it’s my birthday, here are ten things I love right now…

1. Bullet-journaling. I’m not so much into the artistic side of it, but filling notebooks with lists and freewheeling the calendar pretty much fits my planning style to a tee. I’m planning to test-drive some layouts which I may post about soon.

2. Norwegian. Have I told you this already? I’m learning Norwegian with the app Duolingo (which has the terrific advantage of being one of like fourteen apps that works with Windows Phone, so, woohoo!) It’s a beautiful language! I’m learning for fun and for book research, so I’ll share some fun tidbits about my linguistic discoveries in the near future…

3. Corn chowder. I could not get enough of this stuff. Then I decided to go on South Beach Phase 1 for two weeks, so it is temporarily off-limits. No worries, though— the recipe will be coming at you next week.

4. The Sims 3. I know, it’s already been replaced by The Sims 4… but the thing is, my old computer wasn’t able to keep up with the game near the end of its life, and its replacement didn’t have a CD-ROM drive. Even though I like the game, I decided not to re-purchase a downloadable version, so I went without Sims in my life for some time. My new new computer, however, does have a CD-ROM drive. And as if I don’t have enough going on, the other weekend it occurred to me to wonder if Sims 3 would work on my new machine.

And it does!!!

The Sims 3 proposal

She said yes!

5. Fondue. Okay, full disclosure—I always love fondue, but it’s on my mind right now because my hubby took me out for my birthday date at the Melting Pot last night. We had an awesome time, of course, because fondue is fundue! Sorry for the cheesy joke. (Okay, actually, not that sorry.)

6. Free the Girls. This amazing non-profit helps women who have been rescued from sex trafficking to live and thrive in freedom. They accept financial donations as well as new and gently used bras and use the to help survivors set up businesses so they can live independently. They also encourage prayer and volunteering as ways to partner with them. Read more about them here.

7. My Fitness Pal. Since my list is fairly foodie-centric already, this is probably not a big surprise. I dusted off my inactive account and started logging meals. I’m really pleased at some of the new-to-me features. On a related note, I’m having fun with this low-carb thing by snapping pictures of my meals. By no stretch of the imagination am I either a professional photographer or a food stylist, but it’s fun to play in other creative forms now and then!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8. Interviews, Guest Posts & Giveaways. Right now there are a few new places to find me in the blogosphere. Last week, my friend V. Joy Palmer interviewed me for The Diamond Mine of Christian Fiction. This week, I have a guest post and giveaway on Elaine W. Stock’s blog, Everyone’s Story, and going live tomorrow, a guest post and giveaway on Liz Tolsma’s blog. Funny how things come together to happen all at once sometimes!

9. Spring + Claritin. Here in Atlanta, we didn’t really get much of a winter. And it’s funny that I missed it, since winter is my least favorite season—and while we might still get a freak snowstorm (I mean, it could happen), it looks like spring is in. The trees are blooming and everything is starting to be lovely, but…

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Hence the Claritin.

10. Kitty snuggles. Here again, this isn’t so much a passing fancy as a personal trait, but my sweet girl went blind at the beginning of this year, which is most likely an effect of the kidney disease our vet diagnosed a little more than a year ago. It’s hard to believe that my kitty I’ve had since I was nineteen years old won’t be with me forever, but in whatever time we do have… there will be snuggles.

And that’s it for the ten things I love right now!

Leave me a comment below and tell me what you’re into at the moment!

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